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Course Instructor:
Stephen P. Rinaldi, D.MT.

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C.MI Meditation Practice Requirement

The documented meditation practice requirement for this C.MI. Online / Distance Meditation Course is 60-hours (practice component only - does not include additional course work).

Students track their practice time in one-hour daily increments using the Practice Journal document (provided on the C.MI Campus). Preparation time, Sitting time and Review time are included in each one hour session. Practice Journal Forms are submitted for instructor review, grading, ,and comments after each 20-hour segment.

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University of Holistic Theology is an Institutional Member of the Florida Distance Learning Association (FDLA) - an affiliate of the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA)

international association of meditation instructors

All Zen Meditation information and background provided during the C.MI. program , is done under consultation with the Kokorono Sato Center - Ito, Japan - Under the guidance of Kondou Satoshi

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C.MI Students and Graduates have come from all over the world!

Countries Represented:

Costa Rica
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Africa
Trinidad & Tobago
United Kingdom
United States
U.S. Virgin Islands
..and others!

Provinces Represented:

British Columbia
Newfoundland and Labrador
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia

States represented:

Australian Capital Territory
New South Wales
Western Australia

US States Represented:

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Washington State
Washington D.C.
West Virginia

Enjoy your studies with C.MI students from around the world!

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Mindfulness Meditation Instructor Certification

The C.MI Course from UHT helps bring harmony to our world through Mindfulness Meditation Practice and teaching.

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Certified Meditation Instructor Program - C.MI

- Become a Certified Meditation Instructor in 2018 with C.MI -
The C.MI Meditation Instructor Certification program offers a highly interactive and effective way of deepening your personal mindfulness meditation practice & learning how to teach meditation to others >>

~ Celebrating Our 9th Year! ~

learn meditation

This C.MI Meditation Instructor / Teacher Training Program is an exciting and unique instructor training course format. Designed as a self-paced online program, students move through the at-home study and practice requirements, along with fellow students located around the world, under the direction and guidance of Course Instructor, Stephen Rinaldi, D.MT.

The C.MI. Meditation Instructor Certification Program has been designed to give you the tools you'll need to be a competent and effective meditation teacher, helping both yourself and others down the path toward effective mindfulness meditation practice.

The C.MI Online Meditation Instructor Certification Program!
Instructed by Stephen Rinaldi, D.MT. / Provided and Certified by UHT

There is much more to the practice of meditation than simply learning to sit quietly. While many meditation courses focus almost entirely on relaxation, it is important to note that while relaxation is one component of meditation - it is only the very beginning of a life-long study of mindfulness and self.

The C.MI Meditation Instructor Certification Program addresses a broad area of study in mindfulness meditation practice and meditation instruction. From posture and attitude - to dealing with breathing, distractions, training plateaus and much more.

mindfulness meditation instructor certification course

The C.MI curriculum includes required reading work, written assignments, multi-media resources, interactive study and practice forums, practice journal assignments, as well as an online final exam.

Outcomes: C.MI graduates are expected to develop (and/or deepen) a solid working foundation of:

  • Meditation Postures (basic standing and seated postures)
  • Mindfulness Concepts and Practice
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Techniques
  • Mind / Body Concepts
  • Teaching Formats (private and group classes)
  • Responding to Common Student Questions
  • and More...

The C.MI Program is a self-paced, instructor-led, online course of study that features required reading and written assignments, section quizzes, instructor-reviewed home practice, online participation, and much more.

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Common Questions

Need Help? If you have any questions about registering for the C.MI. Program, please contact the C.MI. Administration Office directly, using our online support system >>>

Here's a sample of what we will cover in this program
meditation instructor certification
The C.MI. program is instructed by Stephen Rinaldi, D.MT. The course is Certified and provided by the University of Holistic Theology

We'll start by expanding your understanding of the basics...

  • Historical Background of Meditation Practice
  • Theories and Science Surrounding the Effects of Meditation
  • Types of Meditation Practice
  • Basic Practice Techniques
  • Structuring Your Meditation Practice
  • Dealing With Distractions (Internal and External)
  • Mindfulness vs. Concentration
  • Differences between meditation, contemplation, etc.
  • Meditation in Daily Life

Then, we'll move on to learn and practice many more advanced concepts, including...

  • Understanding the Importance of Posture
  • Body Alignment for Effective Energy Flow - During Practice and Throughout Your Day
  • Understanding and practicing the methods and techniques of Vipassana (Insight) Meditation
  • Preparation for practice sessions
  • Integrating Meditation Practice with Life's Daily Activities
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
  • What is the "Now"?
  • Maintaining Mindfulness during practice
  • Learning not to TRY too hard - or- Learning to be patient with your mindfulness practice
  • Dealing with resistance to meditation
  • Breathing Methods
  • Alleviating and adapting to physical discomfort in practice
  • Addressing Odd Sensations, Drowsiness and Agitation during practice

We'll also cover a variety or practical material related to your work as a Meditation Instructor, including...

  • Principles of Meditation Instruction
  • Right-Brain / Left-Brain Considerations
  • Communicating the Benefits of Meditation
  • Working with Meditation Students
  • Basics of Mindfulness for Children
  • Planning Meditation Classes and/or Private Instruction
  • Developing your Teaching Style
  • Communicating with your Students
  • Promoting Your Meditation Instruction Services
  • and much more!

The C.MI Course (and our private Online Campus) contains an enormous amount of meditation resources for our students. With thousands of forum discussions (both student-to-student and instructor-led), a variety of course guides (e.g., assignment and writing guides), practice handouts, and resources - as well as a variety of supplementary audio and curated video segments, C.MI is perhaps the most comprehensive meditation teacher-training program available anywhere.

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Course Testimonials

meditation guide - bamboo grove

We've worked hard to make the C.MI. program one of the best of its kind, anywhere in the world. Students are able to move through their studies at their own personal pace, but know that anytime you have questions or need guidance, we're here to help. As part of the UHT University Campus System, we meet to share ideas, practice challeneges, and discoveries in an online open exchange with other students from all around the world. It is a safe, private online environment that allows the student to really discover (or re-discover) their practice from the ground-up. I encourage you to register today. I greatly look forward to working with you in the course!

- Stephen Rinaldi, C.MI. Instructor

C.MI Graduate Comments
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I am so thankful for Stephen Rinaldi and the C.MI. program at UHT.  I graduated the C.MI. program a few years ago and not only did it help improve my own meditation practice, it also helped me to become a good Meditation Instructor. I started teaching  Mindfulness (Vipasanna) meditation to students shortly after graduating. It’s a great addition to the other styles of meditation I have been using for 9 years. I am also a wellness coach and stress management expert and recommend Mindfulness meditation and the C.MI. program to all my clients. If you sign up for this program, you will love it.

Kimberly Palm, C.MI.
Body & Mind Healing, LLC

What a blessing to my life the CMI course has been. At the age of fifty I enrolled and I can honestly say it has changed the path of my life and made me my best self. I am continuing to learn and expand my education and awareness of self and others through UHT study courses.

Brad I. - Virginia, USA

"With previous experience in vipassana meditation, the C.MI meditation instructor course is exactly what I was looking for. 100% practical and deeply grounded fundamentals in technique. The main course text is one of the best meditation books I've ever read. I feel lucky to have found the C.MI course!"

Eric C. - Ontario, Canada

"The C.MI course was just what I needed, both personally and professionally. I feel like I have a solid foundation from which to guide others along as I advance my own Practice."

Paul G. - Massachusetts, USA

"The carefully selected reading material probes the mind in all the right ways! Besides abling the student to become comfortable with beginner and intermediate instruction, it also provides the opportunity for deep reflection on the kind of teacher you would be! Our experiences in life, that create the people we are, differ so greatly that we must be able to look at ourselves with an honest eye to realize the unique ways in which we can connect with our students.

I Thank Stephen Rinaldi and all the staff deeply for hastily responding to every question and providing an environment that one can feel comfortable in!"

Tyler Belsito, C.MI
British Columbia, Canada

"Before starting this course, I only expected to learn how to become a meditation instructor. But it turned out to be a great experience and a journey which I discovered so many issues about myself, some hidden subconcious misbeliefs that prevent me from going further in many areas of my life. I learned how to use meditation as a tool to transform inside. Before starting to teach meditation, I saw what I have to learn about myself first.

I thank Stephen Rinaldi for lighting the way, for being a great mentor, and a wonderful teacher."

Ms. Selvin Canbeyli Arihan, C.MI.
Istanbul, Turkey

"I have taught meditation for more than 30 years and found the information and course material to be exceptional for those beginning thier path to becoming a meditation instructor. The public nowadays seem to require a "certification" to qualify anything you do, and the C.MI course and resulting certificate have most certainly fit that requirement.  My student base has increased because of the C.MI certification...thank you Stephen Rinaldi!"

Master Doug Lucero, C.MI.
Shen Fa Kung Fu
Clinton, Utah

Other Comments on Educational Programs from Stephen Rinaldi, D.MT.

"I found the course to be engaging and informative.  But, what was most valuable to me was the experience. What I mean by that was the interaction with fellow students, the guidance and feedback from the instructor, and the growth of not only myself, but fellow students during this short course.  It was exciting and fulfilling! I'm sixty years old (young), and I've participated in and conducted numerous courses in my lifetime.  This ranks up there with the very best! The most important thing I take from this course is "Live a life of demonstration, change you and inspire others."

J. Stanford Jr.
Texas, USA

"Since taking this course i am amazed at the level of awareness that I have gained. My actions are much more reflective of the kind of life I am choosing to live, and I am confident that I can use my skills in helping others in my future.  I would've taken this course even if I wasn't training to be a Coach because the personal growth is priceless."

Debi Jackson
Michigan - USA

"Where do I begin?! Attending the course has been an awesome experience! I had the honour of meeting wonderful people from all over the world, all the way from Australia, Spain and the U.S., that were on a similar wave length and had the opportunity to learn a lot from each other. The course was very intense and works on all levels, including amongst others, your intellectual and psychological level. The online course is user friendly and Stephen Rinaldi makes it attention grabbing and interesting with the various video clips that are added to complement the content of the course. The self-discovery, principles and applications obtained from the course are priceless! Thank you everyone:-) "

Neovi Lenou
Cyprus ~

"I only have words of gratitude to Stephen Rinaldi and the work he carries out in this course.
I have changed my perception in many areas in which I was blocked and did not know how to overcome. Now I see things in such a different way. I am greatly looking forward (and feel ready) to begin counseling others as well. Thanks so much for this amazing course!"

Rocío Segundo

Madrid, Spain

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Common Questions

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Tuition for the full C.MI. Program is: $495*
Easy Tuition Installment Options are Available
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learn how to teach meditation

* Note on Course Books: C.MI. Students are responsible for purchasing
(or borrowing from their local library) two required course books. The current
cost for on Amazon.Com is approximately US$11 each (less for Kindle e-book versions), plus shipping. Both texts are also commonly available from your local book stores, or public library. Further details will be provided upon your enrollment in the course.

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Certification Program Format

This is a self-paced, instructor-led, meditation teacher certification course that includes access to the world-class UHT Online Campus System.

As an enrolled student, you are free to visit the campus and study at any time during the day that fits your schedule - whether that is 3:00PM or 3:00AM - the online campus is always open.

Written Assignments are submitted via the online campus system as they are completed. Grades and comments on assignments are available to you from within your online campus account.

This course has been designed to be interactive between your instructor and other students. We will make use of discussion forums and a variety of media. Custom Audio Lectures may be created by your instructor during the course, based on discussions we are having on the campus web site.

Course assignments and exams have been designed to be thought-provoking, challenging and fun. You will NOT be asked to do course work only for the sake of keeping busy! Everything you are asked to do during this course will contribute directly to your practical, working understanding of Meditation - how it applies to you - and your work with your students. The C.MI. Program is THE Meditation Instructor's Boot-Camp!

meditation certificate

C.MI. utilizes a State-of-the-Art Online Campus System!

University of Holistic Theology (UHT) is approved by the Commission for Independent Education, Independent Colleges and Universities, Non-Secular Division, Florida Department of Education as a Religious-Exempt institution.

** The Online Campus System (and this Certificate Program) is maintained and managed for UHT by BBI - a full-service intercultural communications company specializing in online education and training, educational TV / film production and intercultural consulting. For More Information visit:


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