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Meditation Intructor Certification Program - C.MI™

~ 2022 will be our 13th year! ~

The C.M™ Meditation Instructor Program has welcomed students from all over the world since 2009 - and we're grateful to have received such high marks from our course graduates.

teach meditation certificate course

Over the years, we've expanded the program to include an ever-growing variety of new resources, new technologies, and have added further study and certification options for our C.MI™ Graduates (e.g., C.MI™ Advanced and other Specialty Add-On Certifications).

Our primary focus will always be on providing a dynamic online environment, with practical, personalized instruction -- even in a distance-learning format. We've been doing that for almost 13 years now -- and we think you'll agree -- C.MI™ is a one-of-a-kind program!


C.MI™ Graduate Testimonials

"The C.MI course was extremely valuable to my personal meditation practice and my work as a meditation teacher. I highly recommend this course to anyone with a desire to deepen their personal practice and to support others in doing the same. Stephen Rinaldi is a compassionate and highly gifted teacher!"

~ Don Iannone, D. Div., M. Div., and M.A., Complementary Medicine,
Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center
August 2021

"The C.MI course through University of Holistic Theology has given me the tools not only to guide others in Vipassana mindfulness meditation but to give myself the gift of relieving the sufferings this life is full of. Through this course I learned that no attempt at meditation is a failure and that many obstacles will arise as I practice and I learned the tools to deal with the obstacles and deepen my meditation. This course was mindfully laid out so that the learning is simple and easy to understand and retain. I am truly grateful for Stephen Rinaldi and the University of Holistic Theology for the teachings of this course. My life is changed for the better because of this and now I can bring what I learned to others."

Penny A., C.MI. - Florida, USA
July 2021

"Thank you so much for creating this program; it has been a wonderful experience and a beautiful journey. I am grateful for this program and the dedication for growth it has encouraged me to follow. Meditation has become an integral part of my everyday life; and I find myself slowing down; feeling utmost whole, and full of love. With waves of gratitude".

Allison P., C.MI. - Ontario, Canada
August 2021

"This course is the real thing. As a retired teacher and professor of Education I recognize excellent teaching methods, materials and practice. The books give you a hard copy reference while the meditation practice and journal requirement provide personal experience and often profound discovery. By using reading, writing and meditation experience most students will be very successful. I particularly appreciated the instructor's kind and patient assistance. I feel prepared to guide others while still continuing my own learning journey. Most of all, mindfulness meditation has become a daily practice on the cushion as well as every situation of life. I am much more aware and far more calm. My switch has been flipped to this present moment and I am grateful."

Sue Ellen J., C.MI - Michigan, USA
January 2021

"I went into the C.MI course with two years experience teaching meditation and I left knowing so much more! The course teaches you important techniques that you can apply to yourself and to your students. This course is extremely valuable. Thank you so much for the opportunity!"

Natalie D., C.MI. - Kentucky, USA
June, 2018

"What a wonderful Journey. I started out a year ago not sure where it would take me but following my inter guide. I questioned some of the assignments. The first log ...was so difficult to get through but by my 3rd I was wishing it never ended and I started my own. It truly helps see how I have progressed and grown. Both books will be guides I will go to over and over again. The best advice I can give is clear your mind of anything you think you know and be open and dont give up no matter what, you will be glad. It is ok to stop if you need to and pick it up again. Always follow your inter guide.Namaste - Mai"

Mairet C., C.MI - Florida, USA
April 2021

"It has been an absolute joy to rediscover one of my passions with this course. I feel like my practice since taking this course has significantly changed for the better. The C.MI. course helped me lay out the foundational stones of beginning a insightful meditation practice and guiding others. I feel so grateful for having the opportunity to take this class. I am thankful for the life changing reading material, and the wise, helpful and kind words of my instructor, Stephen Rinaldi, and for myself, for making the commitment and dedication to my own practice. I am excited to see where this new knowledge will take me along my own teaching path and I can be sure this is just the beginning, as I learn and grow each day as a life long student of Meditation."

J. Martin, C.MI. - North Carolina, USA
October 2021

"One of the best things I have ever done. Loved the course. I have grown so much and could not be happier with not giving up on my dream. Young or old, advanced or novice this program is for everyone and you will not be disappointed!!"

Jahnyia S., C.MI - Nova Scotia, Canada
June 2021

"I found the C.MI course to be transformational. It completely changed the nature of my meditation teaching style from a more high level, theoretical approach to a very down to earth, practical application. This makes it so much easier to connect with my students."

Paul L., C.MI. - Calgary, Canada
December, 2018

"I loved the course and found it beneficial to my practice!I have learned a variety of techniques that I could share with my students!"

Karen B., C.MI. - New Jersey, USA
October, 2017

Words cannot describe the transformational journey I've experienced from taking the C.MI course. I'm so grateful I answered the call. I checked many other resources on line, but I kept coming back to C.MI. I now know why! As an Adult Educator, it was great to see this course is designed with all the important principles of how adults learn. At the age of 61 I found it a gentle process as I moved through the course curriculum, I never felt alone, the community and resources were always there for me when I needed them. I've gained a trunk full of tools to support my future life-time practice. I'm very excited to begin facilitating meditation classes on my wellness retreats! Thanks so much to Stephen Rinaldi, D.MT. for your part in my journey, you changed my life! "I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand". ~Confucius

Theodora L., C.MI. - Toronto, Canada
February, 2020

"This course was exactly what I needed to build my knowledge and confidence before opening a meditation studio. Thank you."

Laura Sage, C.MI. - Illinois, USA

July, 2017

"Course and outline was wonderful! I'd recommend this to all those who want to learn or teach. Thank you!"

Francine A., C.MI. - California, USA
January, 2018

"This C.MI course was a fantastic journey into insight / mindfulness meditation. I have been meditating on and off for approximately 40 years and have experimented with several different modalities. This course far exceeded my expectations. The reading material was excellent - and will most definitely incorporate it into my classes, just as I have in my own personal practice. The forums were also most helpful. Frequent participation was very important in understanding various concepts and working through them through the "eyes" of fellow students. I was pleasantly surprised and thankful for the on-line camaraderie. The journaling was an integral part of the course and increased the disciplinary faction of my practice. That, too, has been incorporated into my personal practice. Summarily, I would recommend this program to everyone from beginner to advanced - soooo much to learn. Thank you, Stephen Rinaldi"

Rosalie D., C.MI. - Connecticut, USA
May, 2017

"I found the CMI programme incredibly uplifting and enlightening i will admit! Even though I had been practising meditation for over a decade before I enrolled into C.MI, through the C.MI I realised I had picked up some 'bad' habits along the way and how to correct them immediately.Once joining, I found the selected book references to guide you through the programme incredibly insightful. Also, having to endure the death of my mother during the programme, I found the journals extremely helpful in staying focused and present during a difficult phase in my life. The benefits of having the forums running in parallel felt you were part of a community - especially for me being a million miles way from the US (in France) - so that was reassuring and a bonus to C.MI. So thank you Stephen and your CMI team. with metta."

Edward N., C.MI., C.MI Adv. - Fontainebleau, France
December, 2017

This course has changed the way I view every day life. I completed the course work during a really difficult time in my life and I truly believe it is what got me through a lot of my challenging times. It has changed the way I interact with myself, my family and strangers I meet everyday. I am really looking forward to sharing my knowledge with others and continue my personal practice. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in meditation - teaching or not.

Adrian N., C.MI. - Guelph, Canada
February, 2020

"This course has helped me grow tremendously in my knowledge of mindfulness meditation and in my personal life! The recommended reading materials were easy to read yet full of useful information for personal and teaching use. The forums were great! They let you bounce ideas or issues off of other students. It gave you a sense of being in a brick and mortar classroom. Of course, the instructor was always available for the tough questions! Overall, this is a great start to getting a practice and/or business going! A+"

Linda L., C.MI. - Pennsylvania, USA
September, 2018

"I learned so much during this mindfulness meditation certification course. The practicum of keeping a meditation journal while practicing for several months was so insightful, and the papers after each book helped me process what I've been learning. Also - the two textbooks are so rich with content and guidance. Loved them! I've started leading a meditation group already in my community and have loved adding value to my students' lives. I appreciated the helpful feedback I received from Mr. Rinaldi as I've progressed through the certification process. Thank you so much for this thoughtful, life-changing practice and course."

Barbara A., C.MI. - Arizona, USA
January, 2018

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"This C.MI course exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend taking this course for those who are looking to establish a mindfulness meditation practice, who want to learn how to implement mindfulness in daily life and who are passionate about helping others. For myself, taking this course was one of the best things I have ever done and I am looking forward to continuing my journey helping others. Thank you, Stephen Rinaldi, for your insight and guidance."

Dawn A., C.MI. - Alberta, Canada
June, 2018

"The C.MI course was life changing. I entered the course believing I knew myself and that I understood how to meditate. I soon found out I didn't have a clue about either. In this course I discovered a new way to look at the world and myself."

Peggy H., C.MI. - South Carolina, USA
January, 2020

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"This course was precisely what I had hoped for: an indepth study that prepared me for advanced understanding and fulfillment in my own meditation practice. Since the material is self-paced, I was able to take my time; one of the benefits of the meditation practice was that I didn't feel impatient about the "delay." I recommend this course!"

Megan O., C.MI, C.MI Adv. - Florida, USA
September, 2017

"This is a very complete course. I liked that they encourage you to learn through the practice and not just but listening to someone explain how meditation should be because at the end that's what we are going to explain to our own students. I also liked the sense of community they have through their forums. Again, a great experience and course.

Angelica O., C.MI. - Mexico
April 2021

"I thought meditation had changed my life before I started this program, but this program has thoroughly changed my life. I hope to help so many others reach for and find the peace in their lives as well."

Candace F., C.MI. - Maine, USA
June, 2018

"I had never done an online certification course. I was hesitant to do so, thinking it would not be as effective as a classroom setting. I was very impressed because this class was extensive. The amount of knowledge I gained through the books and forums was extraordinary. This course took me longer than I thought and I appreciated that it was encouraged NOT to rush through the course...take your time and really learn all there is to know about meditation. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who wants to experience an authentic certification process."

Constance W., C.MI. - Florida, USA
December, 2016

"I had previously taught meditation and I still found this course work to be exceptional. I learned a great deal from participating in the coursework. I feel I am a much better informed teacher now. Because of the course my personal meditation practice is now more disciplined and regular. This helps my teaching practice a great deal. I am very grateful to Stephen and staff for putting together such a well rounded curriculum."

Francis O., C.MI. - California, USA
April, 2018

"I am beyond grateful to have found this course. It gave me a better understanding of myself and meditation practice in general. It helped me fill in the gaps as a teacher using easy to follow language and practical advice. Look no further for a fantastic training!"

Laura S., C.MI. - Florida, USA
October, 2019

"Of all the decisions I have made in my life, taking this course has been a life altering experience, and one of the best decisions I have ever made."

Dale R., C.MI. - Alberta, Canada
September, 2017

"C.MI was a wonderful experience. The texts were easy to understand and presented powerful concepts in a clear and concise manner. The course is organized very effectively. It is a remarkable journey. The forums are a special component of the program, where you can connect with others and share thoughts and insights while going through the class. A lovely experience and I highly recommend this course."

Jill R., C.MI. - New York, USA
July, 2017

"This course prepared me on so many levels to both deepen my practice and connect with myself. Stephen is a wise, understanding teacher and I am grateful to have come across this course. Definitely worth it."

Ana Paula L., C.MI. - Mexico City, Mexico
April, 2018

"This was an absolutely life changing course.Thank you so much for all you do!!"

Shannon K., C.MI. - Michigan, USA
September, 2017

"Excellent course. The forums have very helpful participants with a vast amount of experience and first hand knowledge. The instructor provides insightful comments that prove very beneficial through the progression of the course. Most enjoyable."

Richard G., C.MI, C.MI Adv. - Texas, USA
September, 2018

"My C.MI Course experience transformed my personal practice of Mindfulness Meditation. I humbly graduate from this program with renewed commitment to life long learning through personal practice and the privilege of instructing others who wish to begin or transform their own mindful awakening."

Cheryl C., C.MI. - North Carolina, USA
September, 2017

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"This course teaches many historical, physical, philosophical, mental, and emotional topics associated with meditation. More importantly it allows the student to investigate meditation through his/her own experience and practice. The course is very well structured and thorough and is practical for any level of meditation experience."

Amy H., C.MI. - Ohio, USA
March, 2017

"I considered many meditation instructor courses and I am so glad that I ended up choosing this one. I have been impressed by the depth of insight I have gotten out of this course, especially in the online format, which sometimes makes depth challenging. This course was truly transforming for both my meditation practice and my life as a whole. I appreciated the thoughtful way the course was set up and the insightful comments and tips from the instructor and his assistants. It was also really helpful to me that the online format was so user friendly and flexible. I am a mom who works multiple jobs and my busy life could have made it difficult for me to complete a program like this, but thanks to the way this course is set up, I was able to do it in a way that worked for me and my schedule. I am very grateful for what I have learned in this C.MI class and deeply looking forward to the Advanced course. Thank you!"

Kyle V., C.MI. - California, USA
March, 2017

"Excellent Course"

Unnatti J., C.MI. - Virginia, USA
October, 2016

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the Mindfulness Meditation Instructor course. I learned a great deal about how to take my own practice to the next level, through gaining a understanding of what mindfulness is as well as its true purpose. This will allow me to help eliminate my students fears and misconceptions about meditation so they can enjoy their practice and reap its benefits in their daily lives. I gained new perspectives about my practice and also received practical information that I can use to create and organize my classes and my business. Thank you CMI!"

Leslie B., C.MI. - Georgia, USA
March, 2017

"This course is one of a kind. It made it possible for me to get certified online at my own pace plus have the opportunity to be a member of the IAMI. It offers amazing support and community in the process. My personal practice has deepened immensely during the course and I now have the confidence to teach weekly meditation classes and workshops. I am very grateful to Stephen Rinaldi for his guidance and encouragement!"

Kim M., C.MI. - Nevada, USA
April, 2017

"The C.MI Course was the best decision that I could have made as I needed to change careers. I have learned so much about meditation and a tremendous amount about myself. The course required work and effort but the outcome is worth every minute. Thank you to Stephen Rinaldi."

Debbie W., C.MI. - Ontario, Canada
November, 2017

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"I have been studying meditation for almost 10 years and think this course is an essential step to improving my practice and to becoming a better instructor. I recommend this course to everyone interested in learning more about themselves on the journey to learning more about meditation."

Eric-Gene S., C.MI. - Virginia, USA
April, 2017

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and I am anxious to start my journey as a meditation teacher. Thank you Stephen for your guidance and for your wise words. I think the curriculum is outstanding and very easy to follow and learn. Thanks again!!"

Heather V., C.MI. - Ontario, Canada
May, 2017

"This course has provided me with greater clarity on how to meditate, why and how to navigate obstacles and override the misconception around meditation. I have learned how to have correct posture, stay present with my monkey mind and understand that the most important part of meditation is when I leave my cushion and show up for life. It was just the right length of a course to really develop good habits in order to continue into a life long practice. I want to also teach meditation and mindfulness with my profession and now I have a way to do it with confidence. The Professor was excellent and went over backwards to help me whenever I needed clarifications."

Rachel S., C.MI. - Georgia, USA
January, 2020

"I've really valued the learning and support I've received from this C.MI Course material, the instructor, the administration staff and the online community of students. While the online nature of the class suggests distance, I've appreciated the reviews and responses to my assignments and posts. Throughout the course, my practice has provided me many benefits and in reflection, this course has been exactly what I needed at this point on my own path of development. Thank you."

Lawrence Y., C.MI. - BC, Canada
September, 2017

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this course. It not only has changed my life, but it will assist me in helping change the lives of others. Thank you!"

Rosio M., C.MI. - Washington, USA
January, 2017

"With previous experience in vipassana meditation, the C.MI meditation instructor course is exactly what I was looking for. 100% practical and deeply grounded fundamentals in technique. The main course text is one of the best meditation books I've ever read. I feel lucky to have found the C.MI course!"

Eric C., C.MI. - Ontario, Canada
October, 2016

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"I have been very happy with this course, I have learned so much practical information, as well as knowledge of the philosophy behind it. The whole C.MI concept and website is very professional."

Rasmus G., C.MI. - QA, Greenland
May, 2018

"What a well rounded course! Now that I’m done I feel I have a wealth of information and tools to start my new journey as a meditation teacher!"

Lyahna L., C.MI. - BC, Canada
November, 2017

"I started this course knowing very little about mindfulness meditation, but enough that I knew one day I wanted to teach it to others. Now, after reading the coursebooks and logging my journals (while tending to my own practice), I realize how much I've learned during the C.MI course. I just can't believe how much I've grown both in knowledge and confidence! I taught my very first class last week and got wonderful feedback! Professor Rinaldi is honest, fair and reliable when it comes to our coursework. I'm so happy to be part of the C.MI Sangha, and proud to call myself a C.MI graduate!!

Terri K., C.MI. - Arizona, USA
October, 2017

"I highly recommend this course for personal and professional growth."

Sherri T., C.MI. - Virginia, USA
March, 2018

"This coursework was incredibly beneficial to my practice. The readings were excellent and perfect for both my practice and my soon to be business. I feel there was a perfect balance of learning, practicing, assessments, and valuable feedback in order to feel confident about my moving forward with my certification. I also enjoyed the group support among other classmates through our group chats (wonderful people!). Thank you very much, Prof. Rinaldi!"

Amanda A., C.MI. - New Jersey, USA
January, 2018

"I just finished my course. I feel so good about myself - It took self-discipline but I finished. I now plan to go on to the advanced course and can't wait to get started."

Toni C., C.MI. - New Jersey, USA
September, 2016

"The course is well suited for those who wish to complete a Mindfulness Meditation Instructor class at home. The online Sangha was very helpful. It's nice to gain insight from others on the road. Professor Rinaldi did an excellent job with his feedback and his responses were prompt and gave genuine guidance. I feel he is a great instructor and mentor. Overall I would recommend this program to others who wish to have a clear understanding of Mindfulness Meditation in order to improve their own personal techniques and also teach others. Namaste."

Maryrose M., C.MI. - Maryland, USA
January, 2018

"I found the texts used in this course to be fabulous and I will be continuing to refer to them in the future. The course was invaluable both for furthering my personal meditation practice and my professional goals."

Diane F., C.MI. - Pennsylvania, USA
April, 2017

"The online program was helpful in connecting with people of like-minds and sharing experiences from across the Globe. The instruction takes you deeper into your practice for a clear understanding on how to instruct others by first looking at yourself."

Linda B., C.MI. - Maryland, USA
September, 2016

"What a blessing to my life the CMI course has been. At the age of fifty I enrolled and I can honestly say it has changed the path of my life and made me my best self. I am continuing to learn and expand my education and awareness of self and others through UHT study courses."

Brad I., C.MI. - Virginia, USA
November, 2016

"The Certified Meditation Instructor program offered by the University of Holistic Theology is an excellent course of study. I have been practicing meditation for years prior to my application to this certification process. I have attended five 10-Day Vipassana Courses, which have very strict guidelines and are extremely intense. I regret that I was not aware of the information offered in this course prior to my Vipassana experiences. It starts with the basics - presents all the information in a very clear, straightforward manner. I learned the mechanics of sitting properly, techniques to deal with distractions as well as interesting information on the history of the practice. The course also includes practical information about starting your own business as an instructor. It is presented in a concise, informative and useful format.

The program also allows you to interact with other students through the use of discussion forums. Many questions are answered there . The forums also serve as a means to exchange of ideas, discuss issues people come across and techniques that are working or those that present a problem. The forums are a very effective learning tool as well. Overall, I would say that the experience was excellent and I look forward to pursuing further educational opportunities through UHT! I am grateful for this training!"

Marsha W., C.MI. - Texas, USA
October, 2016

"Building upon the foundations in meditation that I learned from the C.MI course I then set up my own courses for an introductory mediation class and a deeper 3 week class in meditation that prepares a student for a full meditation practice. With the knowledge and understanding gained from the C.MI course I have now taught several meditation classes - and I have had great feedback from my students on the content and methods shared with them. My meditation classes allow me to share my passion for meditation and this is a wide open market for those wishing to do the same. If you have ever wanted to teach or even just learn meditation without the associated religious beliefs or yoga poses required by other avenues that teach meditation then I would highly recommend the C.MI. course to you!"

Jim Smith, C.MI. - Washington - USA
April, 2011

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"The C. MI program has been carefully designed and administered to give a prospective instructor the necessary framework, knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in spreading the significant benefits of Mindfulness Meditation. Prof. Rinaldi does an excellent job in keeping up the morale and interest of the participants. I am grateful for his coaching and feedback – which I found very useful as I progressed through the course from day 1. He is right to keep stressing the importance of daily practice in addition to the time spent with fellow meditators facilitating the program, the importance of keeping a journal to notice our development. I intend to also write a note every 1200 minutes of practice and reflect on any new insights I may gain. I have benefited significantly and have incorporated the benefits of PARRAL – Posture, Alignment, Relaxation, Resilience, Awareness and Let go in my daily living – be it walking on the streets of New York or sitting in a client meeting. This experience is worth much more than the cost. Thank you."

Kris S., C.MI, C.MI Adv. - North Carolina, USA
September, 2017

"The insight gained into my subconscious through my studies and meditation practice during my C.MI. course has helped me to to open up and explore mindfulness in all aspects of my life."

Bianca G., C.MI. - BC, Canada
December, 2018

"Wonderful course full of so much insight and knowledge. I highly recommend it to anyone who truly wants to understand meditation and all of it's benefits. Namaste"

Terri B., C.MI. - Ontario, Canada
May, 2018

"This course has enabled me to understand what meditation is, and to realize it's real life application in the exact amount of time that I needed in order to complete it. I loved the self discovery aspects and the less that I expected from it, the more I got out of it. The required text books are now old friends who I can continue to visit, and no matter how well I think I know them, there seems to always be something new to discover in their pages. I love how even though I have completed the course requirements, I have a life time of learning ahead of me, one meditation session at a time. This course enables me to be excited about my future prospects and has given me the confidence to pursue my dreams."

Charlene H., C.MI. - Maryland, USA
September, 2017

"I throughly enjoyed this course. I learned a lot from it and had some profound experiences on my own. I especially loved the journaling. It really encouraged me to dive deep and pay attention to my experiences. I would recommend this course to my friends."

Connie C., C.MI. - California, USA
April, 2019

"This was one of the most difficult programs I have ever engaged in and yet it has been the most rewarding. I would offer anyone who is the least bit interested in Mindfulness to pursue this program wholeheartedly."

Tony M., C.MI. - Oregon, USA
April, 2018

"I really enjoyed and had a tremendous experience with your course. I am looking forward to applying this towards your Bachelors Degree Program.Thank you so much!!!"

James Britten, C.MI - California, USA
June, 2018

"The C.MI course was just what I needed, both personally and professionally. I feel like I have a solid foundation from which to guide others along as I advance my own Practice."

Paul G., C.MI. - Massachusetts, USA
October, 2016

"This journey has given me my life. This course has been the catalyst to learning to be with myself. I hope to continue to share this gift with others. THANK YOU!"

Abagail Y., C.MI. - North Carolina, USA
July, 2018

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Common Questions

"The C.MI course was an important part of my journey with meditation. Although I've been meditating for a couple of years, I felt drawn to get certified. The books required in this course were great resources for me in conjunction with the practice journals. The insights I gained in my own practice, coupled with the knowledge acquired with both books on posture, distractions, obstacles, and purpose have equipped me with a solid foundation for teaching. Thank you!"

Jodie M., C.MI. - Minnesota, USA
July, 2018

"I highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn about meditation. It offered me all the basic tools (posture, dealing with distractions,....) and knowledge to practice my meditation in formal seating or in all my daily activities.I strongly believe that with knowledge gained from this course, I will be able to carry out my meditation practice with much less difficulties."

Nguyen H., C.MI. - Bien Hoa, Vietnam
July, 2018

"I began this course thinking that there was not much more that I could learn in reference to my practice. I quickly learned that I had a lot more valuable knowledge to learn and one day pass on to my students. I am grateful for this experience! I am humbled by the coursework. The text were both enlightening and relevant. I know I will definitely refer to both books. I have read each three times already and there is always a sentence or phrase that takes on new understanding.Thank you for giving m the opportunity to JUST BE! Namaste."

Tammy H., C.MI. - Connecticut, USA
July, 2018

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"I reccomend this course to everyone. It really has done me the world of good in body and mind."

Udo O., C.MI. - Surrey, United Kingdom
December, 2016

"I found this course extremely helpful. It covered so much one would need to understand and to meditate effectively. The accountability of regular practice of meditation was key to my personal success. Stephen Rinaldi’s feedback was great and educational. The books were great. I enjoyed writing about my own personal experience as well. Well rounded course and well worth the cost of tuition."

Sue N., C.MI. - Florida, USA
August, 2018

"I really enjoyed the course and have learned a lot from it. I feel it is the well-thought-out course. Thank you."

Yong un R., C.MI. - Connecticut, USA
December, 2016

"This course for certification in meditation instruction was thorough, well thought out and enjoyable! I had no idea I could learn so much practical information in just a few short months. I was amazed at how quickly my personal meditation practice evolved. The course does a great job preparing students to teach their own classes, and the Sangha with fellow students through the discussion forums on the campus website is a wonderful addition to a fulfilling and compassionate informal practice. I am extremely grateful for the hard work it took to put this course together!"

Barbara M., C.MI. - Illinois, USA
December, 2016

"I have enjoyed my time taking this course and I'm happy to take my practice to the next level as a meditation coach."

Amber G., C.MI. - Pennsylvania, USA
January, 2020

I am so thankful for Stephen Rinaldi and the C.MI. program at UHT.  I graduated the C.MI. program a few years ago and not only did it help improve my own meditation practice, it also helped me to become a good Meditation Instructor. I started teaching  Mindfulness (Vipasanna) meditation to students shortly after graduating. It’s a great addition to the other styles of meditation I have been using for 9 years. I am also a wellness coach and stress management expert and recommend Mindfulness meditation and the C.MI. program to all my clients. If you sign up for this program, you will love it.

Kimberly Palm, C.MI.
Body & Mind Healing, LLC
February, 2011

"This course was exactly what I was looking for! Enrollment was easy and I appreciated the flexibility in the time frame for finishing the course (4-12 months). It can easily be finished in 6 months with the student not feeling overwhelmed or rushed at all. There were many avenues of support for me, including forums with fellow students and graduates of the program and clear contact details for course instructors if the need arose. The study materials (including Professor Rinaldi's Meditation Instructor Guide) chosen for this course are excellent and have left me feeling confident and fully prepared to share the wonder of meditation with others. I would recommend this program to anyone-whether novice or experienced practitioner-participation in this program would benefit them both!"

Erika G., C.MI. - Oklahoma, USA
May, 2019

"The carefully selected reading material probes the mind in all the right ways! Besides abling the student to become comfortable with beginner and intermediate instruction, it also provides the opportunity for deep reflection on the kind of teacher you would be! Our experiences in life, that create the people we are, differ so greatly that we must be able to look at ourselves with an honest eye to realize the unique ways in which we can connect with our students.

I thank Stephen Rinaldi and all the staff deeply for hastily responding to every question and providing an environment that one can feel comfortable in!"

Tyler Belsito, C.MI - British Columbia, Canada
March, 2010

"Deciding to do the C.MI course has been one of the most important and sensible things I have done in my life. It not only makes you partake our ancient wisdom efficiently but also helps us hone ourselves into implementing it in our day to day life. After completing the course I'm much more confident, organized and attuned to my higher self. and I know this is just a beginning of my beautiful journey to self discovery, for now I'm just enjoying every bit of it."

Neetu C., C.MI. - Pasig, Philippines
July, 2018

"My meditation practice has grown so much through this course! I learned much more than I expected & I am excited to share this with others! I am incredibly grateful for the guidance of Director Rinaldi, his words of encouragement meant a lot to me as I was working through this course."

Amy B., C.MI. - Missouri, USA
January, 2020

"Great course for establishing your own practice and learning proper posture. I can now clearly articulate suggestions for proper breathing, posture, and management of distractions to students!"

Angela W., C.MI. - Colorado, USA
October, 2019

"This course helped me to shape the foundation of my personal meditation practice so I can become a better instructor. Both of the books and course materials are very resourceful and have become part of my daily resource manuals for my journey. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to go deeper with their practice."

Amanda L., C.MI. - Florida, USA
November, 2019

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"This was an amazing class. The coursework was extremely insightful as well as balanced--as a result, my practice has shifted into a greater awareness. Thank you, Stephen Rinaldi."

Allison A., C.MI. - New Jersey, USA
September, 2018

"It was a very good program. It took me 2 years to complete the all the papers. I can recommend it to everyone who is looking for mindfulness meditation program"

Monica M., C.MI. - New Jersey, USA
October, 2019

"This program has been life changing. I have learned so much about myself through the practice of Vipassana Meditation. I have learned to truly deepen into my practice and have gained the skills to truly understand and teach the powerful principles behind the Vipassana Meditation Practice. Anyone who goes through this course will gain FAR MORE than the certification. Thank you."

Keia L., C.MI. - Nevada, USA
June, 2019

"I truly enjoyed and benefited personally from my time in the C.MI Mindfulness Meditation Certificate program. I had starting teaching mindfulness meditation before my enrollment, but the excellent textbooks, and keeping a meditation journal, really helped solidify my practice. The books may look small in size, but they truly are filled with advanced information. Since this is an on-line curriculum and meditation is a solitary activity, I highly recommend participating in the various C.MI on-line forums. It's wonderful to be among like-minded individuals. I feel that I have some credibility now having a C.MI Mindfulness Meditation Certification which will help me achieve my business goals. Better yet, my personal practice of mindfulness meditation and the way I show up in the world has truly blossomed! What a gift!"

Jean S., C.MI. - Utah, USA
May, 2019

"Since taking this course i am amazed at the level of awareness that I have gained. My actions are much more reflective of the kind of life I am choosing to live, and I am confident that I can use my skills in helping others in my future.  I would've taken this course even if I wasn't training to be a Coach because the personal growth is priceless."

Debi Jackson
Michigan - USA

"Before starting this course, I only expected to learn how to become a meditation instructor. But it turned out to be a great experience and a journey which I discovered so many issues about myself, some hidden subconcious misbeliefs that prevent me from going further in many areas of my life. I learned how to use meditation as a tool to transform inside. Before starting to teach meditation, I saw what I have to learn about myself first.

I thank Stephen Rinaldi for lighting the way, for being a great mentor, and a wonderful teacher."

Ms. Selvin Canbeyli Arihan, C.MI. - Istanbul, Turkey
July, 2011

"The CMI course, the books required for study, and practice application have enriched my personal meditation, as well as enhanced my daily mindfulness. It's been a wonderful unfolding of lessons and growth. I have enjoyed the journey and I look forward to the certification course to instruct children, that CMI will be offering. Thank you."

Sandra Dee A., C.MI. - Florida, USA
November, 2018

"The single greatest benefit of taking this course [for me] was the fact that it encouraged me to maintain a regular practice over a period of many months, which in turn became a habit and an inherent part of my days' rhythm. Having to log in to practice hours and keep record of my experiences while meditating allowed me to become more disciplined and aware. ----- It actually changed my entire practice once I learned how to apply its basic principles. Thank you for "keeping me honest" with my meditation endeavors, and for helping me find a way to enrich my practice experience. I hope that in the future I can be of similar assistance to my students. Best regards, Karolina."

Karolina J., C.MI. - New Jersey, USA
October, 2018

"I have taught meditation for more than 30 years and found the information and course material to be exceptional for those beginning thier path to becoming a meditation instructor. The public nowadays seem to require a "certification" to qualify anything you do, and the C.MI course and resulting certificate have most certainly fit that requirement.  My student base has increased because of the C.MI certification...thank you Stephen Rinaldi!"

Master Doug Lucero, C.MI.
Shen Fa Kung Fu
Clinton, Utah

"This class was very enlightening and engaging. I found the readings to be beneficial and the assignments to assist in my personal practice as well as help prepare me to become an instructor. The assignment feedback was personally meaningful and the supplemental materials were insightful both from a meditation practice standpoint and for those hoping to start a new business. Individuals wishing to move forward in their practice, I encourage you to empty your cup and pursue this course."

Gina O., C.MI. - Ohio, USA
September, 2018

"I have thoroughly enjoyed, learned, and grown so much over the 8 months in the C.MI course. The supplemental course materials and the two required books provide in-depth knowledge of proper practice of mindfulness meditation. I received details, insightful evaluations from Instructor Stephen Rinaldi D.MT of each stage of my study and appreciated his time, efforts, attention to his students. If one approaches the course with the right attitude, purpose, and expectation he/she will gain a life changing experience."

T. Tran, C.MI. - California, USA
April, 2019

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