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The UHT Experience

The UHT experience combines the best of modern online learning methodology, with a more relaxed learning pace than one would expect from a traditional "in-classroom" program. UHT students enjoy the opportunity to interact with a global faculty, without the need to commute to classes, or having to submit assignments according to a set-schedule.

Student life at UHT is different from traditional residential and commuter degree programs. UHT degree programs have been specifically designed to allow for self-paced personal growth and study within university guidelines that fit your busy life and responsibilities outside of your degree studies.

What to Expect

Upon your initial application and submission of your enrollment fee, the UHT Admissions Team begins their official review of the information you have provided on the application form and typically notifies you within 2 to 3 business days with your acceptance details. If there are any issues with your application (i.e., missing or incomplete information, ineligibility, etc.) that affect your acceptance, you will be notified and provided with available options to help you successfully complete the enrollment process. To help minimize delays during the application process, please be sure to fill-out the online application form as completely and accurately as possible.

Keep in mind that UHT is a holistically-focused spiritual university. The term "holistic" in this case, refers to holistic health and wellness. Our use of "spiritual" relates to the nature of study being inclusive of the "metaphysical" or "spiritual" side of holistic health and wellness.
So, for example, if you refer to the Bachelor of Science Degree curriculum, you will notice that the degree program is divided into 6 modules that reflect the focus of the Bachelors degree: 

Module 1  - Introduction to Holistic Thought
Module 2  - Anatomy & Physiology
Module 3  - Holistic Health and Wellness
Module 4  - Elective Course
Module 5  - Ordainment and Spirituality
Module 6  - Final Project 

Each module (with the exception of Modules 4 & 6) typically includes five (5) required texts that the student is to read in the sequence provided. A paper is to be written for each book (minimum of 5-pages). Papers are reviewed and graded by your Module Professor directly on the UHT Online Campus system. In addition to the Module books and written assignments, further supplementary resources (i.e., articles, a/v media, suggested reading) are often provided by your professor in order to help deepen your understanding of the material.

Module 4 is an elective course. The topic for this course is chosen through discussion between you and your Module 4 Professor / Advisor, based on your specific area(s) of interest. Module 6 is the Final Project for the Bachelor of Science degree program. Your final written project will include research from a variety of sources - and is expected to draw from the totality of your study experience from Modules 1 through 5.

UHT Graduate Programs

Master of Science, Holistic Theology Degree (M.Sc. HT) / Doctor of Philosophy, Holistic Theology Degree (Ph.D. HT)

The graduate programs are entirely research-based. There are three required readings and written assignments due prior to beginning the thesis / dissertation project. The student will work closely with their professor / advisor to select initial required reading material that will complement the expected topic of their final thesis / dissertation project. 

The Master's Thesis requirements are for a minimum 6,000 word paper. The Doctoral dissertation minimum is 10,000 words. Other preparation , writing and subject guidelines are available to the student from within the online campus resources.

Common Enrollment Questions

Prospective students with a traditional bachelor's (and/or master's) degree often ask whether they are able to enroll with UHT at the Master's or Doctoral level and bypass the Bachelors degree program. Please note that in order to bypass the B.Sc. HT program, the incoming student must have either a past degree in Holistic Studies that included courses that satisfy UHT Bachelors curriculum requirements --or-- have a past bachelor's degree AND substantial (and documented) background (i.e., past study, certifications, professional practice, etc.) in the holistic field. 
In those cases where the student's past degree and/or holistic background are close to sufficient, but perhaps missing a course or two, an exception may be allowed where the student will be able to make-up one or two Bachelor of Science modules to satisfy the Admissions Department requirements prior to beginning the Master's (or Doctoral) studies. All requests for entry at the graduate-level are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  


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